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Clone Form

Clone Form is useful when you have created your own form and you think that the same form might be useful for another colleague to use. This will give them a complete copy of your form without any received data, and they will be able to make any amendments they wish without affecting your original.
The new cloned form will now belong to them and you not be receiving any data from the clone.

In order to share a form between two separate subscriptions / accounts. Please ensure that the administrator of each subscription is a member of your relations.


How to use the Clone Form feature

When you go to edit your existing form, you will see an item in the submenu called “Clone Form”.

Clone Form popup

When you click on it, you will see a popup.
Just start typing the name of the relation that is to receive the cloned form. Then pick the username when it appears in the autocomplete list as you type.
Bear in mind that the new member must be within your existing relations.
Then click “Save”.

The new member will receive an email and the Nest Forms notification with a link to the cloned form.

When they click to the link, they will see the form that you have shared with them. Once they save the form, it will be saved into their profile.


You can also clone the form with a member that are not within your relations.
Just send the clone link to your colleague (just copy the link and send your customised email).

Then when your colleague clicks to the clone link and is logged in to Nest Forms, the form builder will then open and when they save the form, it will be saved within their profile as their own form and they can start collecting data.

You will also get a Nest Forms notification that the form was cloned.


Remember Clone Form is different to sharing your form - where your colleagues will be entering responses for you, see the “Share” section in Form Creation help page.

Also, if you still want to receive your responses, but you want other colleagues to be able to edit your form and approve responses, you can use the Administrator Form share.

Finally, if you want to create copy of your own form, you can do this in a much easier way - see the “Save as New” section in Form Creation help page.