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Subscription model


How our subscription model works #

All subscription limits are based on an administrative user that owns the forms. We call this the master account.

In most scenarios, you will have one master account, which shares the form to individual users collecting the responses (called Responders as well as Relations).

Each responding user must have their own account - you can easily create their accounts within the Relations page via email. You can add your own customised text if needed. 

Learn more on the Relations help page.

They will receive an email with username, temporary password and links to download the app. Once they login, they will see all forms you have shared with them, and they are able to start filling responses straight away.

Obviously, when you create a new relation, do not forget to edit the form and share the form with this new relation.

All users are created as trial users and their account will then become free within 14 days. This is a standard process in how your relations are added, but these users are essentially free users for your purpose of collecting responses.

All subscription limits are applied based on the master account - as explained below.


Subscription options #

Remember there are limits to certain features depending on your subscription plan


Mobile units per form #

This is the maximum limit of all users that can be responding to one form. If this limit is too tight within your paid subscription but you are happy with other features, you can simply expand the number of users for a small monthly fee per user

Learn more about sharing a form with extra users.

This has no effect on the number of the Relations you have - so you can have more relations in your account. The restriction only applies to the number of relations shared per a specific form.

Or to put it another way, you can have 80 relations and only share a form with 30 relations and this is how you are charged.


Number of forms #

This limits the maximum number of forms managed by one master account. Both the active and archived forms are considered part of this limit.


Number of fields #

Limits the maximum components that can be added into one form.

If you downgrade from a trial or paid subscription to a free subscription, the components will not be removed, but you will not be able to edit the form with more than 10 components until you removed the components exceeding the limit or increase your subscription.


Number of responses #

Limits the maximum number of responses that can be applied to one form. If there are more responses applied to your form, NestForms will still accept them, but will not display these results until you have either deleted older responses or upgraded your subscription.


Server space #

This is the default limit for file storage that includes images, audio files and signatures stored within your master account. If you reach your limit on either the advanced or premium subscription, you can expand your storage for a fixed fee per GB per month. 

Learn more about Storage limits.

If your account downgrades from a paid subscription to free (eg if the payment failed 3 times), then your files and responses are not deleted straight away. We will always leave your data within your web account for at least a period of 21 days (and longer if you have been subscribed for a longer period of time). After this time, we reserve the right to delete responses and files that are in excess of a free account subscription.



This option allows you to communicate with NestForms using an interface where we provide all forms and responses data via automated communication. This is useful for larger organisations or clients with more advanced requirements that might for example want to integrate NestForms into their own internal systems.

Learn more about our API.


Triggers #

Automated method of providing notifications about new Responses. There are multiple options available - Email, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, Webhooks and more. Also with multiple frequency options - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Hourly or Instantly. We also allow you to set specific rules where you can specify which responses should be triggers and which should not.

Learn more details on either the Triggers and Exports help page.


Custom DB #

Usually used by more advanced users that already have their own databases that they wish to attach to NestForms, This can include locations to visit, products, employees lists or other data. This allows the responder to prefill forms based on the data they already have within the Custom DB.

Learn more on the Custom DB help page


Export Options #

There are many options available for exporting your data from Nestforms to other formats and platforms. For example you can export to Excel, Word, PDF, Zip, images, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

Learn more on the export help page.


Show results to VIP client #

We provide a VIP area which allows you to simply send a link to your client without the need to have a NestForms account. Your clients will only see approved responses, so you have full control of what responses are displayed. You can secure their access using an assigned password.

Learn more on the VIP help page.

When you have clients that have a NestForms account, you can assign them to the form as a client. Then they will be able to display approved responses once logged into their account.


Share administration rights #

Useful for larger teams where there can be multiple users managing the same forms. Bear in mind that the form must still be created within the admin account, but then it can be shared with other users to allow them to assist the main administrator allowing them to maintain the forms, sharing of forms and their responses.

Learn more on the Administration share help page.

If you have different groups of people, you may also wish to take advantage of user groups.

Learn more on the User groups help page.


Branding #

You can create branding containing name, logo and one of the predefined colours. Once applied, you can see the branding logo on the form list page and the form is differently coloured when being filled in. Also the list of the forms are grouped by this branding.

Learn more on the Branding help page.


Support #

We are trying to be as helpful as possible to all our existing and potential clients. We are also listening for any potential updates you suggest.

In all questions, issues and feature requests, paid subscriptions will receive priority response.


Display advertisement #

We will never add paid advertising to paying subscriptions, nor to responder apps that re replying to forms within paid accounts.
But we reserve the right to add paid adverts to users that are using both the web account and app completely free.