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Forms List

On the right hand side of the Forms List title bar you will see a button ‘Forms to fill’. Click on this to see when your forms were created and how many fields per form.
Below the Forms List title bar you will see the following 5 icons:

  • Create new form: Either start with a blank form or import from Excel
  • Filter: Filter Active, archived or deleted forms
  • Display: You can display responses, files or shares
  • Event list: Allows you to create an event
  • Help: Get more information about Forms

The forms list displays the active forms within your account. It also displays how many responses you've received, from whom and when the form was last modified. It also gives you options when you mouseover the form you wish to select.  

When you mouseover the “Brno Fair” you can see 4 icons at the right hand side which allows you to edit the form, check reportscreate an event from this form and archive the form.