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Let’s get you familiar with data collection using the Nest Forms Android & iOS survey form app

How do I get the app?

If you are an owner of an Android device head to androidGoogle play. Or if you own an iPhone or iPad, you can download it from the appleApp Store.

First Steps


Login to the app

login with the profile you created on the Nestforms.com webpage.

Forms List

Select a form that you want to fill out

If there are forms that were shared with you, they will appear in the list under the name of the person that shared them.

Name the response

Name the response

For the form you just chose. This step might be skipped based on the forms settings.

fill out form

Start filling out the form!

You might encounter many different types of questions which are explained below as “Components”.




This component allows you to add one or multiple lines of text depending on how the form owner set the component.

Drop down

Allows you to select one option from a list.

Single Answer

Single AnswerSingle Answer

As the name suggests, just select one option for an answer.

Multiple answers

Multiple answersMultiple Answers

You guessed it. This component is used when there is more than one answer.

Notes & Images

images & notesNotes & Images

Take a photo or upload one you have stored in your phone.

note: if you hold the "Add a photo" button for a longer time it will allow you to choose a picture from your image library.



Allows you to record audio and play it back.



Opens up a drawing box and allows you to take an inkless signature right into your smartphone.



On activation, the "Capture GPS" button stores your selected GPS Coordinates, alternatively you can select your loation via the map option.

Date & Time

Images & NotesDate & Time

Select a particular time or just insert the current time as an alternative.

Number (input)

numberNumber (input)

Insert a numeric value. The "-" & "+" signs increases and decreases the value by 1. The form owner can also set minimum and maximum values.

Number (Slider)

numberNumber (slider)

Choose a numeric value using a slider instead of typing the number.

Number (Range)

numberNumber (range)

Select a numeric range using a starting and finishing point.

QR & Barcode Scanner code scannerQR & Barcode Scanner

The Scanner will allow you to read & store QR & Barcodes. The Nest Forms android app uses external code scanners so you may be asked to download a Scanner from Google Play if you do not have one installed.

Instruction Note

The Note component just acts as a prompt written by the form owner, which is used to help instruct you when answering a survey form.


Keeps the form tidy.

Feature Button (Clone Section)

feature buttonFeature Button (clone section)

Learn more about the clone section.

Feature Button (Finish)

feature buttonFeature Button (finish)

"Finish" saves and closes a response. "Finish & New" does the same, but opens a new blank response from this form.