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Let’s get you familiar with data collection using the NestForms Android & iOS survey form app

How do I get the app?

If you are an owner of an Android device head to androidGoogle play. Or if you own an iPhone or iPad, you can download it from the appleApp Store.

First Steps



Login to the app

login with the username and password profile you have created on the Nestforms.com webpage.

If you dont know or have forgotten your password you can easily reset it.

If you have been invited to NestForms by your administrator you will receive an email with login details that will allow you to log into the NestForms app for the first time.

However, if you are logging into the NestForms website for the first time, you must replace the temporary password before you go any further for security purposes. This also means you will then have to use the new password you have created in the app going forward.

Forms List


Forms and Responses

You will see two tabs for Forms and Responses. Any forms that have been shared with you will appear in the Forms list under the name of the administrator who shared them.

Select the form that you have been tasked to complete out in the field. Now you can start completing and feeding back your response to base.

Learn more on how to manage the Forms and Responses list within the app.

Name the response


Name your form

When you click on a form, you will immediately start a new response.

If the administrator has not included a prefilled response title when they were creating their form then the responder can create a name for the response themselves.

fill out form


Start filling out the form!

Depending on how the administrator has set up the form, you as the responder might encounter many different types of questions which are explained on the Components page.





How to fill in the form via your web browser #

Filling in a form through your online web browser is easy. Simply login to NestForms and click on Forms. By hovering over any of the forms on your list, you will see five icons appear on the right of the screen.

How to fill the form via your web browser

By clicking on the arrow (fill form), you will be given the option to start the form in your browser. Click on Start in Browser, enter the name of the response and begin filling in the form as you would in the app.