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How do I know when I have received responses to my forms

There are five main areas where you can see any new responses highlighted as per the screenshots below.

Notification icon on form menu linkWhen you login to your web account, you will see an icon attached to the Forms menu heading denoting the number of responses you have not yet viewed.


Newly received responses highlighted on dashboardThis notification icon is also shown when you are looking at your dashboard within the most active forms section.




Notification on forms list about new responsesYou can also see variations of this icon on the Forms list on a per survey form basis as well.


New response higlight on the responses pageWhen you open the Form responses page, the small orange dot denotes any new responses awaiting your attention. These are automatically marked as viewed when you have checked the response.


1 new NotificationFinally, if you receive any further responses while you are logged into your website account, you will receive a notification beside your name at the top right of the page.