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Integrate with Boberdoo

Exporting to Boberdoo is enabled as a Webhook trigger.

To create an export, go to Triggers and create a new webhook Trigger with the Service dropdown set to Boberdoo and then save the trigger. Edit the trigger again and select the form you want to export to the service and click it’s options (lightning icon that appears when you mouseover selected form).

There you can see a tab called Webhook, go there and set the Type ID, SRC parameters and click Test Credentials (you need to receive these details from Boberdoo).

  1. Subdomain Name - Can be found with the Type ID when logged into Boberdoo. Go to: Settings > Lead Type, there you will find a link to the document (above the table) which is using the following url structure: http://xxx.leadportal.com. You just need the ‘xxx’ part
  2. Type ID – Go to Boberdoo > Settings > Lead Type and select the lead type that you want to post to. (In the window there is a table which contains the Type value).
  3. SRC – Go to Boberdoo > Settings > Source/Vendor Settings and create an item specifically for the Nest Forms service, then copy the name into the SRC field in Nest Forms.

If all is processed correctly you will see another set of fields, which you then need to map to the form fields already created in the relevant form (or any relevant special fields).


Once you are finished, click Done and save the trigger. You can test the export now.


If you are receiving notifications like “Processing Error #1018: Lead ID 123 has to be manually approved.”, you will need to change certain options within the Boberdoo source settings, mainly “Manual Review is Considered a Success” and the “Success/Error Response” options.