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What is a Form?

What is a Form on Nest Forms?

A form on NestForms, just as in a normal paper based form, represents a collection of questions.   Unlike a normal form, it can contain fields like GPS, Audio and Photos. Forms are completely digital and therefore we talk about paperless forms. Your Forms are distributed via an Internet connection to smartphones using iOS or Android. After that, the forms are completed on these devices and can be filled in multiple times.  It’s easy to get a new blank copy of the paperless form.

Forms that are filled and sent back to Nestforms are called responses and you can learn more about them on the What is Response? help page.

How is a Form Created?

We provide you with very simple and handy online form creator, which is called form builder in Nest Forms application. With a simple drag & drop handling you are able to create your paperless forms very easily. If you feel confused at first or just want to explore all the possibilities of the form builder check out our help section dedicated to Forms or particularly Creating Forms to get familiar with setting components in your forms and get full potential of paperless forms.


What is a Component?

Component can be simply referred as question within your form. Since you’re using form builder to create your forms, form is composed from a several components representing different question. The way question is conceived is determined by the type of component used for this particular question. For instance if you want to ask respondent what is his/hers name you probably would not expect as the answer numeric range, and therefore you will use text component instead. More specific information about our component types is available in Form builder section in help.

Drag & Drop functionality in online form builder


What to do with a Form after I created one?

Once you finished creating your form there’s a time to hand it over to your researchers. Within the form builder share the form with Nest Forms profiles of your researchers. How to do this is explained in Form builder help manual. After that researchers will be able to see form within an app on their iPhone, iPad or Android device and can start collecting data instantly. All the filled forms, called responses, are sent back to Nest Forms and linked to specific form from which responses were created. What to do with valuable data is further discussed in Reports help section.