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What is a Response?


Understanding what answering a form means #

A Response in NestForms represents data received from a completed form that has been sent back to the administrator by a relation.  A response can also include information giving the responders name, the form name, date the form was created as well as any other information the administrator has requested.

response diagram


How is it Created? #

As mentioned earlier a response is created by completing a form.  Before answering any questions from the form you are asked to name your response. If you wish to avoid manually naming your response, there are ways to auto generate a response name to speed up the process, and avoid errors, please visit the  prefilled response name help section.  

Once your device is connected, any completed responses from your responders will be shared back to the administrator account joining any other responses to the corresponding form. NestForms will then generate results based on the information received from these responses. 


Managing Data #

All the data you have collected from your responders is now available to you in NestForms. You may determine which of the responses are to be used in the final report.
When the administrator has received and approved all completed responses, a final report is generated. This can also be in graphical format.

At NestForms we offer tools to assist you in managing and exporting your data.  You can export your data in multiple formats, to learn more about the exporting options available, please have a look at the Exporting Options help section 

We also offer features to enable you to download all images appearing throughout your form.  Take a few minutes and explore all the possibilities for data management in our help section regarding Reports.