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Managing your Account

Because the NestForms platform is quite an extensive system, there are many settings, modules and features available to assist you in using the platform in the most efficient way possible.

This can include how your subscription is managed according to your business requirements, for example you may wish to increase the number of responders and/or monitor your storage space.

At some point you may wish to add other modules within your subscription. The Premium subscription provides full access to all of the NestForms features. For  Standard and Advanced subscriptions, modules and features can be added on a flexible pay per module basis. You can add modules such as Triggers and Webhooks or perhaps you may want to customise PDFs for your clients. The choice is yours. 

We recognise that business requirements change so we have made it easy to upgrade,  downgrade or revert to the free subscription on a monthly basis. You can close and delete accounts as required.

Not only do we provide flexibility for your account preferences and module choices, we also have a comprehensive set of help pages describing in detail all of the features that might interest you.