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Features of the App to help with your data collection.


You might be in a situation as an administrator, when representing another company, you may be asked to set branding within a form. The branding will be visible for responders within the App. The responder can access this through the menu icon  in the left top corner and then by clicking on the icon in the newly opened menu on the left side.

The new list will appear containing all the branding that was shared with you. Choose whichever branding is required, and your app will get a brand new coat.

Perhaps you might want to fill only forms associated with certain branding and there is nothing easier than filtering in the following way. You should see a small switch button on the first line of the list that reads Filter form by Brand. Switch it on and you’ll see only those branded forms.


Settings #

You can access settings through  and  in the menu afterwards. You are presented with multiple options in how to customise technical parts of the app.

Upload Images over mobile (default: No)- Determines whether image files will be sent through the responders device mobile data or Wifi connections. This default setting means that NestForms will wait for a Wifi connection before images are uploaded and is used to avoid wasting any mobile data limit on the responder devices.

If you prefer your responder sends their images immediately with the response, they can just click into the menu on the NestForms App.

Then go to Settings

Then select Upload images over mobile.

This will then allow for the uploading of images over the responders mobile data connection.

If the responder(s) device(s) are still set on default and therefore waiting for a wifi connection, then within your admin account, you will see a yellow square icon instead of the images that should be received with the response.

If you mouse over this icon, it will tell you that the images have not been uploaded yet.

Once your colleague has changed the setting in the app, the images will upload shortly afterwards, and you will see the images in your account.

Image Size Preference (default: Full Size)- Choose between Full, half and quarter size

Remember my Login (default: yes)- allows you to open the app without further online confirmation

Delete Responses After (default: two weeks)- Dictates how long finished responses stay on the device

Ask when a server forces branding (default: no)- Owner of the form may force a change of your branding scheme. When this is switched on branding will be switched only on your permission.


Refreshing the list page #


You can refresh your list of forms by pressing  in the top right corner. If you hold down  for a longer period, it will trigger a full update which will simply download all the forms once again.

iPhone / iPad

By dragging the list downwards an extra line will appear with a circled arrow pointing downwards along with text that reads Pull down to refresh. When you pull the list enough, the text will change to Release to Refresh and the arrow will turn upside down. This will refresh the list.


Response Info & Options #

Responses are listed in the response list, which can be accessed by swiping your screen to the right from the form list or by clicking on the responses tab above (in Android).
Once you are there you can see that all the listed responses contain a blue info icon.
By clicking this icon you are accessing properties of the response and functions that you can perform on this response.


This will delete this response from the mobile device. For responses that are not yet sent, this function will stop them being uploaded also. 


This will get you back to your response. If not sent, the response is open to modification. Otherwise the form fields will be greyed out and available only for review.

Send Response by email

Different Response formats are available depending on your subscription plan (see Pricing page for details)

By clicking on this tab you will be asked if you want to attach the response as a Word or PDF document.
The document will then be generated (it might take several seconds). You will be asked to choose from several mail clients unless you have set your default client.

After this, you can enter the email address and the content of the email yourself before sending.


You can clone this response and it will create a copy with the same prefilled answers. This will appear as a new row in the responses on your webmaster account.