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How to brand your forms

We have added a facility to allow you to add your own brand Logo or branding on behalf of your client, which you can then add to your forms.

In order to add a Logo, simply click on your profile (Your name) in the top right corner.

 Nest Forms Profile Access

Once you have entered your profile page, scroll down to the section named "Brands".

Adding Brands to your profile in Nest Forms

Here you can add your logo (or client logo) by pressing the "Add new" button.

The recommended dimensions for your Logo can be either:

Square: 200 pixels * 200 pixels (width * height)


Wide: 600 pixels * 200 pixels (width * height) 


How to add branding to your form #

You can apply your brand including logo to your new forms, just by editing your forms or when you are creating a new one, just click on this icon Survey Form Settings iconabove your form and select the brand you wish to apply to this form.

Finally, you can now also modify the background colour of the application using two current themes, we will add to these themes from time to time (if you would like to add another colour option, just let us know which colour theme you need).

Setting your branding within your survey form



What the result looks like? #

Once you open the the form in your app, you can notice the visual of interface has changed. Headings of your questions got a new uniform color regarding the branding you have selected.

In the picture below you see example of default interface and the one where orange branding has been applied.