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Invite Friends

When you click on Invite friends, the following page is displayed.

Find members
Here you can find existing members on the system.

You can also invite a new member via email with a personalised message. 

When you hit the Send Invitation, your colleagues account will be automatically created and they will receive an email with login details and links to the Android or iOS app.
For security reasons the relation will need to replace their temporary password before they go any further.

If you have been invited to NestForms by your administrator you will receive an email with login details that will allow them to log into the NestForms app for the first time.

Please note however, if they are logging into the NestForms website for the first time, for reasons of security, they must replace the password before they go any further.

This also means they will then have to use the new password they created in the app going forward.

Invite new member

When you login to NestForms, on the dashboard you might see the following invitation message.

You can approve or reject the invitations by clicking on the small green or red icon to the right of the members name.


New invitations