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Working within your own Timezone

The Timezone feature allows all Times to be transferred into your local timezone.
This applies to time settings for your Reports, PDF, Word, Excel exports and others.

Nest Forms will usually set your timezone automatically so you do not have to worry about this. However if your times in reports are not displaying the expected times, (not by minutes, but hours, which would suggest an incorrect timezone), you can change to your local timezone via your profile with the following steps:

  • Click to your name at the top right when logged in
  • You can then set your correct “Time Zone” from the dropdown.
  • All times will then appear in this timezone from then on, once you save your changes by pressing “Update”.

This change will take immediate effect, so when you update your Timezone and run a report, you will see the updated time in your exports.

The only exception to this feature are times which are filled into the form itself. These times always display the exact time that was autocaptured from the device (the expectation is that it will be in your local timezone already anyway).

If you have any issues with this feature, just let us know.